Emma (1 year old) Mermaid Cake Smash

Cake Smash
baby sitting in chair with net mermaid theme session ONE
baby in tin bowl mermaid themed session treasure in the back

We love Photographing Cake Smashes! The themes, the props, the uniqueness of every single one. It's pretty thrilling to plan a Cake Smash. This Mermaid session was no exception. At first I wasn't too sure what to do or create, but slowly but surely my ideas started taking form....and this beautiful set up cake about! Mom and dad loved it!

baby girl in mermaid clothing holding wand
big floral bonnet on baby under the sea theme
baby girl standing up in mermaid clothing and cake

A friend of mine that knits gifted me this adorable mermaid outfit. I can't even deal. It looks totally adorable on Emma.

we found a mermaid in the studio baby girl one year old

She wasn't too fond of the Cake so we got a few pretty photos of her with it and moved on. She was not having it or wanting to taste it at all. Some babies love to SMASH it, others just poke it, others taste it and others just look at it weird with no desire to engage. haha You just don't know what baby you'll get and that's fine with me!

baby girl looking at the camera with pink cake
pink cake and happy baby girl mermaid themed session
cake in the back and smiling baby girl
cake smash session pink cake photoshoot mermaid
mermaid cake smash session pearls treasure
one year old session baby girl with parents mom and dad