Kian, Dastan and Zoe (Child session)


This session was supposed to be a Cake Smash, but baby Kian had other ideas. He wanted nothing to do with the cake. He wanted to explore and run around the park. I can't say I blame him, it was a beautiful day and we had been officially released (for a while) at least. So it was the perfect timing for an outdoor session.

Zoe is a mama's girl! Her parents love her just like the boys. What a lucky fur baby. She has her own instagram page and models several clothing, bows and others. She was easier to photograph than most kids are. haha

Kian is One and Zoe is there for all the family/ Photography fun.

This was actually mom's idea and I was IN for it. Came out so nice. Fly high little one!

Our new race Car is so very popular with all the kiddos. They all want to ride it! For those asking I found it in Amazon.