Sofiacristina, Marcosdaniel, Gabrieljesus (Siblings)

Fine Art

We have now implemented Fine Art Photography for Older Children. These are meant to be Artistic, fun and focused on your child. A few props and clothing accessories will be available, like vintage hats. These three gorgeous children have been coming to our studio for quite a while now. I tried so many new ides with them. They enjoy dressing up and being silly with me. If you're interested in a Fine Art session for your child, the best ages are from 4 to 8 years old. For these sessions we expect the child to be able to pose as instructed and also enjoy the session. Click on the "Contact" button in the MENU for our availability.

child sits on luggage newspaper backdrop
amazed little boy holding book
Happy child walking holding book using overalls


child sitting on wood floor wearing overalls newspaper backdrop
Boy looking through a looking glass detective
happy 4 year old using overalls newspaper backdrop